Our debut EP "Fever"

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Our debut single "Stew"

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The indie-folk EP indulges in the art of the slow burn, stretching its wings softly and with such subtly that it’s easy to lose sight of how expansive it truly is.




Solomon’s voice is rich and comforting as she sings against hopeful piano chords in a warm folk-pop style reminiscent of Laura Marling.

Allston Pudding

Slow Dress recorded the quarantine soundtrack before it was cool.

Wild Honey Pie

Their latest single, “Butterfly,” promises a life saturated with feeling. It is a commitment to experience everything fully, no matter how uncomfortable.


Slow Dress’s sound is as accessible as it is unnerving—an honest reflection of vocalist Katie Solomon’s thoughts on the uncertainty of life, love, and her emotions. Writing for Slow Dress, Solomon reaches to express the complexity of her often conflicting feelings.

Over Bredon Jones’s intricate guitar lines, Solomon explores her fears with wrenching vocals and an evolving self-understanding—evoking the sauntering, emphatic sound and confessional lyrics of artists like Julia Jacklin and Lucy Dacus. Tackling personal and existential questions with a sprinkle of apocalyptic dread, Slow Dress navigates the contradictory nature of being human.

"I challenge you to find a vocalist who sings the word 'oven' with her particular tenderness." - Phillip Jones, Afternoon Host, 88.9 WERS